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BBL (Fat Transfer)

Surgery + 3 Star Hotel
Surgery + 4 Star Hotel
Surgery + 5 Star Hotel
  • Treatment Visa
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  • Local Taxi Transfers
  • Medical Interpreter
  • SIM Card (+Internet)
  • Medical Photography
  • Medications & Blood tests

Butt Implants

Surgery + 3 Star Hotel
Surgery + 4 Star Hotel
Surgery + 5 Star Hotel
  • Treatment Visa
  • Airport Pick-up
  • Accommodation
  • Local Taxi Transfers
  • Medical Interpreter
  • SIM Card (+Internet)
  • Medical Photography
  • Medications & Blood tests

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BBL in Turkey; All You Need to Know

Having big hips is the dream of many women who want to feel unique and more attractive. BBL in Turkey (Brazilian Butt Lift) is a procedure that aims to enhance and reshape the appearance of the buttocks. While numerous clinics worldwide provide this procedure, if you desire to explore a historically rich country with singular charm alongside your treatment, opting for a Brazilian butt lift in Turkey might be an excellent decision. Turkey offers exceptional outcomes, a reasonable price, and magnetic surroundings.

BBL in Turkey is a popular cosmetic procedure that has recently become very popular among women. Generally, women seek this procedure to address the issue of flat hips and counter the lack of adipose tissue in these regions, which impacts their feminine aesthetic. Other women have a Brazilian butt lift (BBL) just because they have an hourglass figure.

Brazilian butt lift in Turkey is a procedure that aims to enlarge the buttocks in proportion to the body. Over time, this procedure has transitioned from being relatively unknown to becoming one of the most prevalent plastic surgeries. This procedure can be performed under general or local anesthesia (complete anesthesia) (numbing the lower body). Regarding the outcomes, they become evident immediately once the post-surgical effects subside.

Turkey is a great place to get a BBL. People can have a smooth procedure in Turkey and receive high-quality care and services. Turkish doctors are experienced enough and have updated their knowledge about the latest developments and techniques of butt augmentation.

What is a BBL in Turkey?

For those who have flat or sagging buttocks, a BBL in Turkey can be one of the best options available to shape their body.

Throughout history, it was thought that the ideal body shape of women is the hourglass body shape, and the butt augmentation procedure has become very popular.

The BBL alone does not provide us with the perfect hourglass figure. However, it brings us closer to attaining a more shapely physique.

Brazilian butt lift in Turkey is a type of buttock augmentation surgery that involves transferring your fat to enhance the shape and volume of the buttocks for a more enhanced look. Fats are extracted from other parts of your body by performing liposuction and then injected to shape the buttocks.

Problems such as saggy and flat buttocks can occur with aging or may be genetic. But since a BBL in Turkey uses your fat, the results look very natural.

But you must have enough fat in other parts of your body to be extracted.

Butt augmentation procedures in Turkey yield a remarkably high satisfaction rate, accompanied by a minimal occurrence of complications.

How Much Does a BBL Cost in Turkey?

The price range for a BBL in Turkey varies from approximately 5,000 USD to 10,000 USD.

Different factors affect the cost of Brazilian butt lifts in Turkey, which include:

  • The geographical location of Turkey
  • The cost of the medical facility
  • The cost of the anesthesia
  • The cost of the dressing and the compression garment
  • The surgeon’s fee is based on his experience and skills
  • The level of complexity of the procedure
  • The cost of medications and other side costs of the procedure

To acquire further details about the BBL in Turkey and to gain comprehensive insights into the associated costs, we recommend reaching out to Avamedi Health Group. Our team of experts can provide you with personalized advice and assistance.

Regarding the cost of the procedure, the critical point is to research and choose a credible and renowned surgeon experienced in performing the BBL procedures. When deciding, besides the cost of the BBL in Turkey, you should make your choice according to the quality of care and services provided and make an informed decision.

Techniques of BBL in Turkey

There are multiple techniques for performing Brazilian butt lift in Turkey. Some of these techniques are introduced and explained in the following.

Fat Harvesting and Processing

During the procedure of Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in Turkey, the process of extracting and preparing the fat involves removing the fat from one or more areas of the individual’s body with liposuction.

After successful extraction, the fats are processed, purified, and filtered for fat grafting.

Finally, refined fat is injected into the individual’s buttock to make its volume and shape according to their desired size and shape.

Advanced 3D Imaging

The advanced 3D imaging technology can be used in the process of BBL in Turkey to optimize the planning and visualization process. Before the procedure of Brazilian butt lift (BBL) in Turkey, the surgeon may utilize advanced 3D imaging technology to form a three-dimensional visualization of the individual’s physical structure. This technology creates a personalized treatment plan based on the individual’s needs and goals. After assessing the individual’s body, a customized treatment plan for the BBL procedure is outlined, like planning from which areas the fat should be harvested or which sites of the buttock are the best to inject the processed fat and decide how much fat is needed for the butt augmentation. This visual representation makes communication between the surgeon and the individual more convenient as the person better understands the planned changes and can clearly express her goals and desires.

Tumescent Liposuction

In the procedure of Brazilian butt lift in Turkey, one of the techniques for fat harvesting is tumescent liposuction. In this technique, a fluid called tumescent solution is injected into the targeted donor areas to make fat removal smoother. This solution helps numb the targeted regions and reduce the bleeding during the procedure.

What is the Difference Between a BBL and a Traditional Butt Lift?

BBL and traditional butt lift are two procedures to improve the aesthetic of the buttocks, but there are some significant differences between these two procedures. The standard butt lift involves lifting the buttocks by removing the excess skin of the buttock; in the Brazilian butt lift, excess fat is harvested from other areas of the body and injected into the buttock to create a more voluminous, prominent and curvy buttock, and simultaneously creates a harmonious and sculpted body profile.

A traditional butt lift, also known as a gluteal lift, is usually suitable for people who have problems with reduced volume and tone of the buttock muscles, along with loose and excess skin on the buttock. Aging, significant fluctuations in weight, exposure to sunlight, and genetics are all factors that can contribute to sagging hips. During a traditional butt lift, the doctor makes an incision along the hip line, thereby lifting the buttock, removing excess skin, and giving the buttock a smoother and firmer shape.

Brazilian butt lift is a type of surgery in which excess fat is harvested from other areas of the body and injected into the gluteal area to increase the volume and prominence of the buttocks and improve its overall shape and symmetry. BBL is usually suitable for people who have good to moderate skin elasticity and have enough extra fat for the fat transfer process. Brazilian butt lift can make the butt smooth, soft, prominent, well-shaped, and balanced with the overall body shape.

How Long Does a BBL Take?

Typically Brazilian butt lift takes about 2 to 4 hours. The duration of the procedure of BBL depends on several factors, including the complexity of the procedure, the amount of fat needed for transferring fat, and the technique the surgeon utilizes.

For a better understanding of the time frame of the BBL , it’s better to consult an experienced surgeon to examine your case and explain the time required for operating the procedure based on your needs and desires.

Other Types of Buttock Augmentation & Fat Transfer Procedures

Besides the BBL procedure, there are other ways for buttock augmentation, which are described in the following:

  • Fat transfer to the buttocks: Buttock augmentation with fat grafting is one of the most popular cosmetic surgeries. Liposuction is used to suction fat from another body area to harvest fat and is injected into the buttock to increase volume.
  • Sculptra butt lift: In another procedure, a filler called Sculptra is injected into the soft tissue of the buttock. When this substance is injected, it adds a small amount of volume to the buttock, and over weeks to months, the body uses it to make extra collagen, which may add more volume to the area in the future.
  • Butt silicone implants: Unlike injections, solid silicone implants are placed in the buttock through an incision, which is an invasive surgery. After this procedure can take up to four weeks for the individual to fully recover. Implants typically increase volume, a feature that fat injection and grafting alone cannot achieve. In general, silicone implants are proven to be a safe and effective source of buttock augmentation. Implants are appropriate for individuals with minimal fat deposits.

BBL Post-Op Recovery

The post-operative recovery process for a BBL in Turkey is as follows:

  • After the procedure, the surgeon asks you to wear a compression garment to reduce swelling, protect the areas where the fats have been transferred, and help have a smooth healing period. Depending on the specialist surgeon’s diagnosis, you should wear this compression garment for a few weeks.
  • Your doctor will prescribe medications to control pain and prevent discomfort in the initial days following the procedure.
  • After the BBL procedure, you will experience swelling and bruising, which is normal. Your surgeon will give you guidelines on managing them, and you can use a cold compress to control swelling.
  • One of the most important factors after the procedure of Brazilian butt lift in Turkey is to have enough rest and avoid pressuring your buttocks. But you can do some slight activities such as walking.
  • Also, following the procedure of a BBL in Turkey, it’s crucial to attend follow-up appointments so that your surgeon can examine your overall body health and condition, and you can discuss your concerns and ask questions lingering on your mind.
  • The results of the procedure will become apparent several months after the procedure.


The final results of the BBL in Turkey will be visible a few months following the procedure. The results of the Brazilian butt lift in Turkey depends on several factors, such as the technique used in the surgery, the skill of the surgeon, and carefully following the post-operative advice and guidelines. However, in general, the following outcomes can be achieved through the BBL procedure:

  • Bigger and more attractive hips
  • Natural results
  • Immediate results
  • No scars
  • Slimmed “Fat areas” due to removing fat for fat grafting in the buttocks
  • Minimal side effects

It’s vital to note that you should have realistic expectations regarding the results of the BBL procedure and understand that results can vary from person to person. It’s best to consult with an expert plastic surgeon to examine your candidacy for the procedure, discuss your goals, and receive detail associated with the outcomes of the Brazilian butt lift procedure.


In conclusion, deciding on a BBL in Turkey can be a favorable choice for individuals seeking buttock enhancement. Turkey offers exceptional outcomes, reasonable prices, and a captivating environment. The BBL procedure involves transferring fat from other body areas to the buttocks, resulting in a more voluminous and attractive appearance. Turkish surgeons are skilled and up-to-date with the latest techniques in butt augmentation procedures. The cost of the procedure varies based on factors such as the geographical location, medical facility, anesthesia, and surgeon’s fee. Other buttock augmentation procedures, such as fat transfer, Sculptra butt lift, and butt silicone implants, are also available from buttock augmentation in Turkey. The recovery process involves wearing a compression garment and following post-operative advice and guidelines. The final results of a Brazilian butt lift procedure are generally visible several months after the procedure. Having realistic expectations and consulting with a plastic surgeon is crucial to understanding the candidacy and discussing objectives and outcomes. If you would like a comprehensive overview of Brazilian butt lift in Turkey and to delve deeper into the subject, you can get in touch with the professionals at Avamedi Health Group.

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BBL in Turkey (Brazilian Butt Lift) FAQs

The price range for a BBL in Turkey typically falls between approximately 5,000 USD and 10,000 USD. Several factors influence the cost of the procedure, including the geographical location within Turkey, the medical facility’s pricing, anesthesia expenses, the cost of dressing and compression garments, the surgeon’s fee based on their expertise, the complexity level of the procedure, and additional costs such as medications.
Are Brazilian butt lifts in Turkey considered safe? Istanbul is a popular choice for individuals seeking this procedure worldwide due to the safety of BBLs in Turkey. Not only does Istanbul boast skilled and experienced surgeons, but it also provides safety and affordability for operations.
Istanbul hosts top-tier BBL surgeons in Turkey. With the surge in demand, Turkish doctors have gained extensive expertise in the field. Moreover, the cost of a BBL in Turkey is notably more affordable than in numerous other countries, ensuring accessibility for a broader population.

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