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MOM Fertility Center in Tehran is a place where the dreams of parenthood are nurtured and realized. With a warm and supportive approach, the center's dedicated team employs state-of-the-art techniques to empower individuals and couples on their journey to becoming parents. At MOM Fertility Center, they believe that every family's story deserves to begin with hope, love, and the best medical care

+100 Pro Specialists
+80 Procedures
IRAN (Tehran)

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About MOM Fertility Center

Unveiling the Oasis of Fertility and Infertility Treatment

In the bustling heart of the Middle East, a beacon of hope and innovation stands tall: the MOM Fertility Center. As the most equipped fertility and infertility treatment center in the region, MOM has been meticulously designed to adhere to the world’s most successful international models of care. Collaborating with the finest Iranian specialists, this expansive 6,500-square-meter haven caters to an array of healthcare needs related to fertility and infertility.

This outstanding establishment, operating under the trade name “Mehr MOM,” prides itself on delivering the full spectrum of services that one would expect from the best infertility and maternity centers in the United States and Europe, all while meticulously adhering to international standards, ensuring the utmost for all visitors. On a daily basis, MOM opens its doors to a diverse group of patients, both from within the country and beyond, as it continues to provide unparalleled services to those in need.

To deliver world-class services, a few critical and necessary aspects have been carefully considered:

Comprehensiveness: The hallmark of a successful fertility center is its ability to offer all necessary services under one roof, ensuring that the healthcare journey, from trying to conceive to infertility treatment, and even maintaining maternal health for the birth of a healthy child, is smooth and seamless. Such centers are often referred to as “One-Stop Fertility Centers,” and MOM Fertility Center is designed and operated in line with this model.

With 16 highly specialized clinics, 5 fully equipped operating rooms, 30 inpatient beds, and a cutting-edge 1,500-square-meter genetic medical laboratory, pathology lab, and independent radiology suite, MOM Fertility Clinic stands as a paragon of excellence in this regard.

Success Rate: The most significant measure of performance for any fertility treatment center worldwide is its success rate, or the rate of live births resulting from in-vitro fertilization (IVF) procedures. MOM Fertility Clinic has drawn inspiration from the Center for Advanced Reproductive Medicine (CCRM), which boasts the highest IVF success rate of all fertility centers worldwide at 65%. This clinic’s design and operation have been influenced by CCRM, and meticulous studies have been conducted to determine the key factors contributing to its success.

Some of the most essential elements include the following:

  • The Equipping of the Embryology Room to Cleanroom Class B and the IVF Operating Room to Cleanroom Class C.
  • The Use of Hepa Filters and Active Carbon in the Laboratory’s Incubator and Andrology Lab Air Handlers, to remove suspended particles, especially Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which can be detrimental to fetal health.
  • The Utilization of the most modern equipment in the fields of embryology, andrology, IVF operating rooms, and radiology, all of which have a direct impact on the success of IVF procedures.
  • The Employment of state-of-the-art Building Management System software and equipment to monitor gases in incubators, as well as control pressure, humidity, and temperature in embryology, andrology, and IVF operating rooms.
  • The Implementation of a Quality Control System and Quality Assurance measures to minimize medical errors, address issues, and standardize procedures.
  • The Provision of the latest genetic medical services to make the most informed treatment decisions and select the most suitable embryos for increased chances of successful pregnancies and embryo quality.
  • The Delivery of services with a focus on psychological well-being, recognizing the emotional vulnerability of the patients, as psychological health plays a critical role in increasing the success rate of pregnancy.

Equipment: With pride, we declare that MOM Fertility Center possesses the most advanced medical equipment among fertility and maternity centers in the Middle East. Some of the essential equipment used in this center includes:

  • GE Mammography
  • GE Ultrasound Machines (E10, S10, P6)
  • Wolf Laparoscopy (Germany)
  • GETINGE Central Sterile Supply Department (CSSD)
  • Linet Colposcope (Czech Republic)
  • Drager Anesthesia Machines (Germany)
  • Valley Lab Electrosurgical Unit (USA)
  • ARdo Syringe Pump (Switzerland)
  • Linet Hospital Beds (Czech Republic)
  • Linet IUI Beds (Czech Republic)
  • Atlas Spco Oxygen Concentrator
  • Philips Defibrillator (Germany)
  • ARdo Surgical Suction Unit (Switzerland)

MOM Fertility Center is not just a medical institution; it is an emblem of hope, a fortress of cutting-edge technology, and a sanctuary for the dreams of families. With a commitment to excellence, compassion, and continuous growth, we forge ahead, guided by the mission to bring joy and life to the world.

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