Dr. Khodadoust Eye Hospital

Dr Khodadoust Eye Hospital


Dr. Khodadoust Eye Hospital in Shiraz is synonymous with excellence in eye care. Known for its commitment to preserving and enhancing vision, this hospital brings world-class ophthalmology services to the heart of Shiraz. With a strong legacy of trust and expertise, this hospital stands as a beacon of light for those seeking comprehensive eye care and personalized treatment

+15 Years of Experience
+100,000 Surgeries
IRAN (Shiraz)

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About Dr Khodadoust Eye Hospital

Visualizing Excellence, Restoring Vision

“Dr. Khodadoust Eye Hospital” in Shiraz is a realm of excellence in ophthalmology, where precision meets the poetry of sight. In the heart of Shiraz, a testament to dedication and divine providence emerged in the form of Dr. Khodadoust Hospital. With an illustrious history that stretches back to the year 2003, this specialized eye care center was founded, equipped, and brought to life. It was conceived to serve the purpose of providing unparalleled hospital services, with a specific focus on ophthalmology.

This highly specialized eye center thrives today by harnessing the expertise of the most dedicated and experienced eye physicians and surgeons in the country. Their mission remains steadfast: to deliver the highest caliber surgical and therapeutic services to those who seek the gift of sight.

In the pursuit of elevating the quality of medical services and ensuring continuous improvement in healthcare and patient care, Dr. Khodadoust Eye Hospital has embraced the imperative of standardization, safety, and international excellence, as validated by the prestigious ISO 9001:2008 certification. The hospital’s core principles, as outlined below, have been communicated to all stakeholders, from staff to patients, to collectively commit to achieving qualitative and safety-related goals.

  1. Preservation and Enhancement of the Quality of Ophthalmic Surgical and Therapeutic Services, through the deployment of cutting-edge technology, both in hardware and software domains.
  2. Adherence to All National and International Standards (Accreditation, Safety, ISO 9001:2008), ensuring unwavering commitment to healthcare excellence.
  3. Amplification of Patient and Caregiver Satisfaction, through a deep respect for their opinions, criticisms, recommendations, and a wholehearted and meticulous handling of their concerns.
  4. Upliftment of the Scientific and Specialized Competence of Every Entity within the Hospital, by means of education and by preserving their health and safety, recognized as the most valuable assets of the hospital.

Dr. Khodadoust Eye Hospital is more than just a medical institution; it’s a visionary journey, one that seeks to push the boundaries of healthcare excellence while keeping the patient’s well-being and visual health at its core. With a commitment to precision, compassion, and continuous improvement, we march onward, driven by the pursuit of a brighter, healthier world.

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Dr Khodadoust Eye Hospital


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