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Avicenna Fertility Center in Tehran specializes in turning the dreams of parenthood into joyful reality. Here, a team of fertility experts, equipped with cutting-edge technology, creates personalized journeys to parenthood for every patient. With an emphasis on compassion and individualized care, the clinic offers hope to those who aspire to expand their families.

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Crafting Miracles, One Family at a Time

Avicenna Fertility Center in Tehran is where dreams of parenthood take shape, one beautiful story at a time. Our dedicated team, armed with the magic of modern science, is committed to sculpting miracles. We understand that hope is the foundation of every family’s journey, and at Avicenna, we turn your aspirations into tangible moments of joy and the promise of a new life.

In today’s world, infertility treatment has evolved into a highly specialized group approach, boasting unique facilities and equipment at infertility treatment centers. Couples who are concerned about their infertility issues should seek help at these centers without delay. Regrettably, when examining the records of infertile couples in our country, we often come across those who have struggled individually for infertility treatment over 15 to 25 years, with many of them losing their reproductive window without achieving the desired results. Our recommendation to infertile couples is a direct visit to specialized infertility treatment centers.

The Avicenna Super-Specialized Infertility and Recurrent Miscarriage Treatment Center, under the auspices of the Modern Biomedical Sciences and Technologies Research Institute of Avicenna University, in collaboration with the ART Center at the University of USHCL in Germany, commenced its operations in the autumn of 1382. This center specializes in various aspects of infertility treatment, including the treatment of recurrent miscarriages, alternative treatments such as donations, sexual health, endometriosis clinics, maternal health clinics, fetal and neonatal care, breast health clinics, and it provides paraclinical services. This center is renowned for its unique approach to assisting infertile couples and is the first in the country to exclusively focus on addressing recurrent miscarriages and persistent infertility treatment.

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